“Fantastic event to meet other local authorities and introduce the private sector into what are challenges are and how they can help us. Also, great to see the innovation within the transport sector and meet the companies in the Innovation Zone.”

Andy Radford, Network Strategy and Technology Specialist, Birmingham City Council  

“Great mix of solutions for local authorities and to hear about the different technologies available.”

Graham Hilary, Transport Strategy Officer (Freight), Buckinghamshire Council

“An excellent conference to meet with others in the transport sector and share best practice. Great to hear from pivotal change makers in both the private and public sector today.”

Letty Askew, Transport Planner, Leicestershire County Council

“It's been very informative and opened my eyes to new options. We are all facing the same challenges and great to hear solutions. I have met some super interesting people too.”

Andy Saunders, Surface Access Strategy Manager, Manchester Airport Group

“Very eye opening conference. Good to see the private and public sector together to understand the challenges we are all facing”

Torrie Morrisey, New Business Executive, Chargepoint

“Great to be at a conference that brings the private and public sector together to jointly try and achieve the same goals. Met some very interesting new contacts”

Sophie Randall, Innovation Head for Mobility and Cities, Innovate UK