Innovation Zone

As part of the Innovation Zone sponsored by DfT, we are holding Transport Innovation Week, 30 October - 3 November, which proudly showcases companies pushing the boundaries by offering solutions that support our race to net zero and transport decarbonisation. The five companies below were selected by the DfT for their innovation across five very different challenge areas in the transport industry.

These innovators, along with 15 other innovating companies, will be showcasing their products and solutions at the Smart Transport National Conference on 21-22 November in our dedicated Innovation Zone. Book now to join us and see these innovators in action.

Challenge Area: The Future of Freight

IONA have developed the first drone solution that meets the needs and regulations for rural logistics, enabling efficient and sustainable autonomous deliveries anywhere and for everybody.

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Challenge Area: Improving Accessibility of the Transport System

Charging is one of the big barriers for widespread adoption of EVs by businesses and consumers and MOLE offers a unique innovation that makes charging easy, efficient and an accessible experience. Their automated charger is ideal for disabled users, saves space and clutter in the streets and promotes the use of smaller batteries making EVs affordable.

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Challenge Area: Active Transport Solutions

This innovative e-bike has the potential to transform urban transport. The design is a radical reimagining of the bicycle, centred around making every interaction more compelling and convenient. The BriefBike eliminates practical barriers, and unfolding is a sensory joy, not an inconvenience.

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Challenge Area: Local Transport Decarbonisation & Clean Air

Elevating the smart city and smart transport concepts into future ready environments Slingshot Simulations is pushing the boundaries of data science and advanced analytics and exposing them in a place based context. Showcasing a data and digital first approach their commercial software solution is now used by clients including a project in the midlands and the north east.

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Challenge Area: Transport Security & Safety

The Safe Walking Routes project seeks to improve journey planning information available to vulnerable travellers. Our research findings support transport-associated organisations so they are able to incorporate our findings into their work.

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